WWF SmackDown !

WWF SmackDown !

WWF SmackDown !



Take on the best wrestlers in the world as you punch, kick and slam them to the canvas as you wrestle your way to victory and snatch the title belt! Start as a relative newcomer to the sport and then train your guy to get him ring-ready and then hit the canvas to take the fight to the professionals! Feel all the excitement and thrills of the World Wrestling Federation to become a true champion of the ring, rivalled by none!

If you're a massive WWF fan and would like to see another totally awesome wrestling game, WWF SmackDown ! 2 - Know Your Role might be right up your street. If you'd simply prefer other awesome games with an emphasis on action then why not take a shot at Mega Man 8, Capcom vs. SNK Pro - Millenium Fight 2000 and the badass Castlevania - Symphony of the Night.

Sony PlayStation